2 Artists will win $5,000 each, and concurrent solo exhibitions from December 8, 2017 - February 17, 2018.


Christopher McCall
Director of Pier 24, San Francisco
$20.00 - 50.00

PPAC's Online Feedback Forum is the perfect solution for getting quick online critique/review of your work without having to leave the studio. Whether you are having difficulty selecting your best edit from a group of edits of the same image or you would like feedback on a number of different photographs we have the solution for you. Just upload your photographs and select your preferred reviewer and he/she will get back to you in 3 business days*.  

Best Edit: submit 2-5 files. The submitted photographs must be of the same image with various edits. This option allows photographers to get immediate feedback on framing and post production edits. The instructor will help select the best of the submitted files and explain why. This option is perfect for the photographer who needs help making a decision between various framing choices, exposure settings, color adjustments, or any edits done on the computer. 


Full Feedback: submit up to 10 photographs. This option allows photographers to get honest, in-depth, feedback on a group of different photographs. Organized like a portfolio review, each reviewer will look at every single photograph and provide a thorough review of the photographs, both singularly and as a whole. The photographer will have the option of asking three questions to frame the conversation. This option is extremely helpful when preparing to submit to exhibitions or publications.


Do you have a full portfolio of more than 10 photographs that you would like critiqued? Contact Education Director Josh Brilliant for an individual in-person review at josh@philaphotoarts.org

*if a reviewer is currently unavailable to review the student will be notified immediately and the student will have the option to select a new reviewer or wait for their first choice to return.